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Self-Defense For The Modern World

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Learn Authentic Muay Thai, Pekiti Tirsia Kali & Baraw Sugbo Now from an Experienced Certified Teacher.

Be The Best Version of Yourself

Be Trained, Be Safe, Be Aware

If your profession is Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security, etc. The one art you should learn above all is Pekit Tirsia Kali. It covers all aspects of the protection you need to save your life and go home safe. Sport Martial arts are your last consideration. I say this with over 30 years Criminal Justice experience, over 47 years martial arts experience as well as my 2 year teaching experience at the police academy. Book an introductory Private Lesson with me to explain and answer your questions and demonstrate the difference. Pekiti is taught to countless Law Enforcement, Military and Special Security Operators world wide. Watch the video below on some general Pekiti information.

Since 1995 we have been a Premier source of Authentic Martial Arts. No other Academy in the USA can you get instruction in all of these arts in one school with a certified teacher in each art. We are the premier school in Idaho for learning these arts from an authentic certified teacher with extensive teaching experience.

We are dedicated to providing you with superior, realistic and proven self-defense instruction. Our classes are for anyone who has the determination and will to better themself and become a well rounded mentally and physically trained person. We are here to encourage and provide you the tools in a safe, friendly atmosphere to reach your goals for fitness and self/family protection.

In the World we live today, you must know realistic fighting systems. I have spent decades learning, researching and teaching the best of the best fighting arts. These fighting arts I teach will equip you with complete self-defense knowledge for all areas of protection. These self-defense arts have been proven and used for hundreds of years in personal defense, world security, law enforcement, world wars, etc. You will learn aspects such as weapon retention, ground fighting, hand to hand, baton, bladed weapons, Use of Force legalities, situational awarness, how to react under stress, etc. Knowing aerobic kickboxing or wrestling type of martial arts are not going to be of use in a real fighting sitation. You owe it to yourself and the ones you love to learn realistic and complete fighting arts from an experienced certified teacher.

You will learn the proper definition of and use of self-defense in the eyes of the law and when and how you can use it. It is extremly important you use proper terminology when in a self-defense situation and not fall into a play on words of the self-defense term that can get you in severe legal trouble. I have spent over 30 years working in Criminal Justice and knowing legal information concerning the proper use of self-defense is just as important as the physical techniques.

There are self-defense fad "Combat", arts that proclaim to be effective, but are not as efficient, effective or proven as these arts.  Infact, many self-defense schools take techniques from these arts and add them to what they teach without the real knowledge or certification to do so because they are such useful and complete systems.

​Join our school to learn and be a part of these amazing and proven fighting arts. Please contact me for any questions.

General MacArthur

Give me ten thousand Filipinos and I shall conquer the world – MacArthur

The USA Special Forces was created from what was learned from the Philippine Fighters during the War.

Women Warriors of the Philippines

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Best Of The Best Fighting Arts

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Authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing

Ground Combat

Pekiti Tirsia Kali
Filipino Combat Martial Art

Baraw Sugbo
Knife Defense Art

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Difesa Pugnale European Tactical Knife System​​

Wing Chun Gung Fu
Ip Man Style

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